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(Training and Development)


  1. Candidate must be a graduate of any 4 year course.

  2. Has at least 2-3 years experience in a Manufacturing Company.

  3. With extensive knowledge in Training & Development.

  4. Has the ability to apply effective interpersonal, verbal and written communication skill.

  5. Strong organization skills and ability to prioritize and multiple tasks.

  6. Strong live facilitation and public speaking skills.

  7. Ability to work autonomously with initiative.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Focus on Training and Development- Prepares training materials for new employee orientation as well as sessions to introduce current staff members to new company policies. Their typical responsibilities include: Identifying the training needs of the organization. Communicating employee progress to direct supervisors/managers.

  2. Ensures that the training programs are implemented successfully.

  3. Develops and implements learning strategies; Designs e-learning courses/topics

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